We are happy to introduce you to Ganit Math which was formally launched in Jan 2015 at St. Xavier’s Sr. Sec. School; 4, Raj Niwas Marg , Delhi - 110054. The objective of Ganit Math is to popularize Mathematics among the brightest and the best brains of the country. It conducts workshops to identify such talents and later on train them under the guidance of the leading light and the supervision of Ganit Guru. We are developers of maths genius. We have the expertise; if you have the brain we can train! Mr. A. K. Roy, the founder of Ganit Math - a new concept in maths education is a wizard in Maths, a TEACHERS' TEACHER known popularly as Ganit Guru. He is recognized as a modern Ramanujan of India. He has vast experience of training students as well as teachers of Mathematics to excel in maths.

                     Leading Light Dr. Jose Jacob is an excellent educator and experienced career counsellor. He has wide experience of an administrator and principal of various reputed schools of India . We propose to train teacher to be better efficient Maths teacher. We have the magic wand to train young minds to be maths wizard . If you have the passion for excellence in maths then CONTACT  US.